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Take a cue from our friends at the London show: Why just chat with potential customers, when you can immerse them in a virtual boating experience? 

by Sarah Fister Gale

For many consumers, a boat show is more than just an opportunity to comparison shop their favorite brands. It’s an outing for the whole family, and they expect to be entertained and engaged. Savvy exhibitors are tapping into this desire for fun by adding interactive games and demonstrations that lure customers to their booths, engage potential buyers and make their products stand out in a sea of competition.

At this year’s Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show, the standout exhibitors were those who added an experiential element to their booths.

From rope-splicing classes to virtual reality, these booth extras allow consumers to interact with the products, entertain the family and build loyalty to the brand.

“People who come to boat shows want to see stuff happening,” says Riki Hooker, sales director for England-based RS Sailing, an international designer and builder of sailboats. “They want to interact and learn things at the show; they don’t just want to be sold things.”

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